Frequently Asked Questions

I am a resident at an apartment community. Can you help me with an issue or complaint?

The MBAAA is a trade organization for companies that own and manage apartment communities and affiliated companies that provide products or services to the apartment industry. We are unable to answer questions from residents or respond to any inquiries. If you are having a legal issue, we recommend you contact an attorney who specializes in landlord-tenant law in Alabama.

Can you help me find an apartment?

The MBAAA does not have a service to help people find new apartment homes, but many of our members provide exactly that service.

Please see the list below of MBAAA member companies when looking for an apartment in the Mobile Bay area:

What is the Mobile Bay Area Apartment Association (MBAAA) and what do you do?

The MBAAA is a trade association founded to represent the multifamily housing industry in the Mobile area representing professionals in the multi-family rental industry. The membership includes apartment property owners, management companies, developers and suppliers to the industry.

Our focus is legislation, education and communication for the industry.

Are all apartment communities in the Mobile area required to be members of the MBAAA?

MBAAA membership is voluntary. Apartment communities are affiliated through the membership of their owner/management company. Most professionally managed apartment homes in the Mobile area are currently members, as they are dedicated to quality rental housing.

How do I join the MBAAA? Who can be a member?

Membership in the MBAAA is open to companies that own, manage or develop multifamily rental housing, as well as those businesses that provide products and/or services to the industry. You can use the “Join the MBAAA” link under the membership tab and learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of the MBABAA. All of our memberships are company based, and you can join by printing out a copy of the application and submitting it with payment to the MBAAA office.

I’m a member, but want to become more involved. How do I do that?

The best way to make the most of your membership is to become involved. If you are a first time volunteer, consider joining a committee. Committees are lead by volunteers and help carry out the special events and background work for the MBAAA. It allows you to help the MBAAA achieve its goals, and also allows you to network with other members in a smaller setting. In addition to serving on a committee, the MBAAA offers many events throughout the year that are outstanding opportunities to network with your fellow MBAAA members. Make sure to check the calendar of events regularly to see what is coming up.

Where is the MBAAA office?

The MBAAA does not have an office. We hold our meetings at hotel and event spaces in the Mobile Bay area. You can contact the MBAAA via email at